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Progress Ultrasonics Group LLC is engaged in development and production of technology intensive ultrasonic equipment. The company is located in Canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland. The major line company activity is production and sales of different purpose ultrasonic systems, including those for the stimulation of oil and gas condensate production.

The company has extensive experience in the use of ultrasonic technologies. It has its own acoustic design department, production capacity of ultrasonic generators, transducers and high precision mechanical operation facilities. In the year 2003 , in co-operation with the department of geophysical techniques, information technologies and systems (GTIS) at Ukhta state technical university (Russia) and Ultrasonic World LLC, Switzerland, the company has developed and produced lot of powerful ultrasonic systems for oil production stimulation. During these years the company has made great advances in production of powerful ultrasonic generators and transmitters based on piezoelectric transducers. Ultrasonic transducers designed and manufactured by the company are able to work efficiently at great depths and high temperatures.

Operating capabilities, Versatility, Efficiency and performance of Ultrasonic systems has been proved by extensive tests on Oil fields in countries such as Syria, Canada, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. The Effect of Ultrasonic technology on the main producing Oil beds were studied from 2005-2009 while carrying our research and production work on Chibyuskom, North Iraelskom, Sotchemyuskom Voyvozhskom and deposits, as well as in Romania nizkodebitnyh wells deposits Vata, Tazlau, Baltani. Entirely all cases of well stimulation in Russia have appeared successful with an overall average efficiency of no less than 200% (Double the flow rate) of oil.


Our strategy and market positioning comprises of manufacturing and sales of hi-tech, competitive high-quality product to provide geophysical and other servicing companies with ultrasonic systems, designed for the formation & stimulation of the wells. Our objective is to make the technology for acoustic stimulation in "ordinary" standard geophysical (service) technology accessible to the majority of big and small geophysical companies and firms. Thus, in the long term transition from individual well stimulation to systemic effect on object (on group of wells within one block, etc.) is required, including mainly combined, and in more long-term future – to the methodology of active geophysical monitoring.

This technology allows achieving efficient restoring of filtering characteristics of productive formations without oil reservoir damage & with minimal time and material inputs. Acoustic stimulation case history analysis shows that all capable facilities - wells and consequently technologies may be conditionally divided into 3 categories:

Corrective or Prophylactic (designed for wells that work tolerably well, but below their capability) that can be called "anticipatory" or preventive;

Stimulating (designed for wells in which production rate has considerably decreased compared to initial one);

Reviving (designed for the wells that practically do not work).

The share of stimulating technologies is the biggest in the total statistics. The share, experience of the other two is extremely insignificant and at the same time their success ratio is lower. The field effect becomes statistically significant when maximal number of (having indication) wells are treated. Therefore it is time to transfer from individual well stimulation to systemic effect on object (especially taking into account possible reaction of neighbour wells on acoustic stimulation), which can ensure high probability in essential increment of oil production of the object as a whole over a short period of time, as well as ultimate oil recovery increase.


Application of powerful Ultrasound in Oil and Gas Engineering:

  • Equipment for production and injection well stimulation with the aim to increase their productivity (intake capacity) and oil recovery.
  • Equipment for stimulation of filters, oil well tubing, pumps and other equipment in order to prevent (prevention, maintenance & removal) asphaltene, resin & paraffin deposition.
  • Equipment for the stimulation of sections of infield, main pipelines and reservoirs etc. in order to change the rheological properties of oil and petroleum products (reduction in viscosity etc.).
  • Equipment for the stimulation of oil and petroleum products in the course of processing with the aim of increasing processing depth and quality.
  • Equipment for welded joints to relieve residual stresses and extending the life of welded structures (tankers, pipes, oil platform etc.).


To assess the effectiveness ultrasonic treatment:

Physically reasonable notion of the effectiveness of the acoustic impact of technology is to increase the flow of liquid (well potential), regardless of its (liquid) character, indicating an improvement of filtration properties of layer zones and "given" the ability of the reservoir.

With the lack of information and, especially, its complete lack of the basic characteristics of the reservoir (inflow profile, etc.), especially under conditions of high water content, often from the customer is the substitution of the notion of efficiency criterion increased flow of commodity (oil, condensate) production (productivity). Therefore, the economic impact will largely determine the completeness and reliability of information about the object, confirming the well-known thesis that the information on savings should not be.

The most objective criterion of the effectiveness of the technology at a particular well may serve a term of recoupment (by selling additional quantities of product obtained after the acoustic exposure), which, unfortunately, can be calculated only after the implementation process and very difficult to predict. The reality of our practice (depending on oil prices and other market factors), the payback period can range from a few (early) days to several months, with a total duration of the effect of increasing the productivity of a few months (usually not less than 6), up to several years (1-2 times more), often while reducing the water content of products at several points.

Our main competitive benefits:

  1. Scientifically sound and systematic approach to the selection of objects of the acoustic effects (fields, pools, wells candidates), allowing to formulate and articulate specific geological and technological problems of acoustic effects to each well (groups of wells), ensuring their effective solutions.
  2. Unique (to the flow of power, size, alignment throughout the system generator cable emitter depth and other parameters) the characteristics of hardware and technology units of the acoustic impact of the technology itself and the stimulation of wells that would quickly produce handling in virtually all wells to a depth of 5000 meters, including through the tubing, ie almost without stopping their work.
  3. Information and financial optimization of the complex is accompanied by geophysical studies, which allows to perform selective (dotted) and controlled by different parameters of the acoustic effect on a "flow profile - profile exposure," and quickly assess the quantitative results and performance (return) treatments.
  4. A wide range of options for cooperation from consulting and purchase geo acoustic complexes to rent (lease) and methodological and technological support work will allow you to take an optimal solution.
  5. A unique opportunity to implement technologies combined stimulation (at different frequencies in the range of infra-(1 - 100 Hz) and ultrasonic (20 kHz) oscillations), and with others, including "Reagent" methods (hydrochloric processing, etc.) that significantly expands the scope of the method of acoustic effects and increases its effectiveness.

Mutually beneficial partnership:

Company « Progress Ultrasonics Group LLC » is the world leader in the development and manufacture of ultrasonic systems for intensification of oil production.

No exaggeration to say that the acoustic stimulation of wells today (in an ultrasonic modification) - an advanced, high-tech, reagent less, geophysical method of controlled and selective stimulation and bottom hole formation zone for the intensification of the tributaries (throttle response) and enhanced oil recovery, applicable in a wide range of geological technological conditions of commercial facilities, with very long (up to 2 years or more) and significant (often multiple) effects, are almost bezdefekten for reservoir and wells, and environmentally clean, and easy to combine with other known methods of stimulation and enhanced oil recovery.

The technology allows without prejudice to the oil-bearing reservoir effectively to restore the filtration properties of the productive layers with minimal time and material costs.


Progress Ultrasonics Group Business Presentations

For more details please see our company presentations:
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Progress Ultrasonics Group is a member of the ULTRASONICS WORLD GROUP.

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