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ultrasonic systems ultrasonic systems
ultrasonic systems

The geoacoustic complex (technique) for the intensification of oil recovery consists of the powerful ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer , powered through a standard 3 core logging cable.

The whole equipment, realizing the acoustic stimulation technology, is in coordination with the regular equipments of geophysical parties which does not cause any difficulty in its adaptation by the regular geophysical personnel.

The acoustic stimulation technology consists in the processing of collector layers (in the open bore, filter interval or perforated holes) by powerful ultrasonic field aimed at the restoration of their filtering properties. Processing is carried out point wise (with 0.5-1.0 interval) selectively based on the “inflow stimulation profile” principle.

Well and equipment preparation is practically the same as that for standard geophysical researches.

The integrity of the operational column and cement stone over it is ensured and the process of stimulation is technically and physiologically safe and environmentally sound .


. Increase in permeability of bottom-hole formation zone
. Mineral scale disruption in capillaries
. Reduction of electrostatic stress in capillaries
. Disruption of plugs in perforation holes
. De-clogging of pay formation capillary system

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